Day 1 of Wrapping up Richmond: Some Houses I Have Been To

Day 1: Some Houses I Have Been To.

Over a period of 5 days, from Tuesday 19th August, 3 signed, rubber stamped, single edition 6″x4″ photos will be released for sale each day, via Flickr / Facebook and Twitter, for £45 for 24 hours before going up to £60 until Tuesday 26th August, and then £75 for a month.

All photos in this sale are taken on film- either with my Leica M6 or medium format camera (in which case the dimensions are slightly different.)

Money raised will go towards the next phase of this project, which is a book and an exhibition…

These are the first 3 pictures | For sale | £45 for 24 hours.

Top one sold.

Next three posted tomorrow.

Castle Howard, February 14th.

Image 5

Toys in the dining room where one of the Richmonds hangs.

Image 4

View from bedroom where the Richmond hangs. Near Fife.





Image 3


Image 2


Image 1