The George Richmond journey to Scotland – April 2014, by Julie Tsang

The day came when our journey with the George Richmond project took us to Scotland! Starting our journey in the Lake District we were greeted by the very friendly Mark Cropper, who showed us around his home and beautifully converted office.

Here we present a selection of behind-the-scenes images to give you a glimpse of what the George Richmond team do when out and about…


Inside the beautifully converted office belonging to Mark Cropper, Elly begins her shoot by the window allowing for plenty of natural light...


Elly and Mr. Cropper looking out at the view from his home (towards his family’s papermill).



Taking a moment before the second shoot to gather our things and double check equipment. Elly checks her laptop in her new make-do office space


Elly uses her medium format camera to document this George Richmond painting in an elegant dining room and toys belonging to the grandchildren..


A screenshot taken from a video recorded on our way to a shoot, Elly’s Leica in the corner ready to capture the beautiful landscape

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 16.32.42

A screenshot taken of Elly working with Mr.Keyser and his dogs. Not an easy task to get them all lined up but we managed it eventually!


Elly sitting with Mr. Keyser after shooting and collecting her audio, the dog comes in to greet the two.



The countryside and sunshine make a good backdrop whilst arranging our equipment and waiting until our meeting time prior to shooting.


Using our whatever tools we have to capture the Scottish landscape


A beautiful sunset in Edinburgh to finish off our journey, captured next to the National Gallery of Scotland.

Words and Images by Julie Tsang